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It’s been two years since the Nirbhaya incident had happened in the country. Yet it doesn’t appear that much has changed with respect to the required seriousness in this matter. We often hear people passing comments and giving away character certificates to the victims just because they think that the victim belongs to the weaker section of the so called society.
I would like to share a small incident that happened with someone I personally know to see the people’s reaction after these 2 years; however I am changing the names to maintain privacy.

There was a girl (Anamika) who was very outspoken, confident and extremely friendly. She had so many friends among girls and boys that she could adjust and live anywhere without any worry. One of her friends who was a boy (Ronny) and whom she and her entire family knew very well (rather assumed to know very well). Being friends since childhood Anamika trusted him and shared all her secrets with Ronny. Ronny always had behaved well. One day Ronny invited Anamika along with some other friends on the pretext of throwing away a party as he had recently got married and Anamika could not attend Ronny’s wedding due to some personal reasons. Anamika reached the venue on time and had been waiting for others for long. In the meantime Ronny had offered her a drink and they started talking until she realized that other’s might not turn up. As it was late and intimated at her place, she decided to sleep as it was very late already. Suddenly, in the middle of the night Ronny approached her bed and started touching her. Realizing someone touching her, she woke up immediately, screamed at him and ram away from his place in the middle of the night. They had been friends long and Anamika had always considered Ronny as her brother, friend but he crossed all the limits.
Today she wants to teach Ronny a lesson by screwing his happiness and showing him the place where he belongs to actually (Prison) but she is scared. People have already started as always talking and giving her character certificate. I have some questions to ask here:
1) If a girl drinks, is she considered to have a lose character?
2) If a girl talks closely and casually to a boy, why is she considered a whore?
I don’t feel that Anamika was at fault. I don’t think that it was wrong on her part that she drank or she was at her friend’s place over the night but I would definitely say that it’s Ronny’s fault who couldn’t value a relationship, a trust that he had earned from someone so long.
People these days tend to get more confident to do such heinous acts because they think that the girl opposite has a lose character but it’s time to make those boys realize that it’s not the girls who have a lose character but it’s their thought that’s worst and doesn’t deserve a place in the free world. Such people should be punished, no doubt about it but how? When?
We see people who are minors who have raped being sent to correction homes? I ask why send such ******** to correction homes? What do they have left to correct within them? Their morale is already dead. The punishments should be based upon the crimes performed but not on any age factor.

It’s high time that we all come together and let these morale-less sons and society know that it’s their fault that had led to so many females across the world suffer, spend sleepless nights, live in nightmares, fight alone for themselves.



I really need everyone’s inputs and suggestions…please readers do comment..!


Comments on: "Anamika – Story of a Friendly Girl" (2)

  1. Reading this girl’s story, I felt , if someone has drunken , then don’t trust on that person at cost in any situation, because no one knows, what that person is thinking.

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